Carbon Filter Pad

Carbon Filter Pad

Carbon Filter Pads are made of non woven polyester impregnated with high quality finely ground activated carbon. Carbon has been used since long to remove odor and color from liquid, but it requires additional filtration to remove carbon from the liquid after filtration of carbon purified liquid is obtained. It can become a challenge in terms of dumping and handling of carbon. Activated carbon filter pads can solve this issue as you can discard the pad after use.



  • Filter pads are available from 100 Micron to 0.25 micron particle retention.
  • Available in various sizes, right from 10 inch to customized size as per once requirement or filter press size.
  • MOC-filter are made from cellulose non woven polyester and activated carbon.
  • The products have wide compatibility.
  • Quality of the Pads depend upon the grade of carbon used while make the pads.


  • Filters pads are used in filtration of Spirits, wines, beers, syrup, chemicals, sugar, soft drinks, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food and cosmetic industry.