Cellulose Based Filter Pad

Cellulose Based Filter Pad

PFP provides cellulose based filter pads for pharmaceutical, chemicals, cosmetic, flavor, fragrance, food and other industries. The y are used as depth filters .The pads are made from specially processed and high quality cellulose fibers. All the filters pads are manufacturers in clean area adhering to pharmaceutical requirement.



  • Filter pads are available from 100 Micron to 0.25 micron particle retention.
  • Available in various sizes, right from 10 inch to customized size as per once requirement or filter press size.
  • MOC- filter are made from cellulose wood pulp and filter aid ( diametous earth).
  • The products have wide compatibility.
  • Filters have high solid loading capacity as its internal surface area is large , hence the extended filter life gives higher output.


  • Filters pads are used in filtration of Spirits, wines, beers, syrup, chemicals, sugar, soft drinks, pharmaceutical, chemicals, food and cosmetic industry.