Food & Beverage

Soft Drink
Soft Drink makes use different a type of filters to Filter Incoming Water as water is key ingredient in soft drink. Filters are also used in various capacities for below purpose
1) Venting of Storage tank - to prevent bacteria growth
2) Production water
3) Sugar Syrup Filtration
4) CO2 gases filtration

PFP Filtration Products for above purpose
1) Spun - Melt Blow Dept Filter - Economic and effective
2) PP Pleated Filter cartridge - Economic and effective
3) Hydrophilic Nylon / PES Filters for finer filtration, long service life, low extractable
4) SS Sintered / Pleated / Titanium filters for high temperature water filtration.
5) PTFE Filter for Venting Purpose.

Wine is made from grapes and grapes juices, the color of wine, taste are unique and are very important for wine manufacturers. Wine is manufactured using fermentation and filtration method.
Choosing the right filter is very important to retain the color and texture of the wine. Depth Filters are recommended for removal of Yeast and other particles from the liquid. These filters act as pre filter and they remove bulk and large particles and organism from the liquid.

1) PP Pleated cartridge filter
Final Filter / Sterilization filter
PES Membrane filters are recommended in final stage of filtration just before the bottling process. These filter having a pore size from 0.22 micron onwards help in reducing and eliminating the smaller particles and organism.
These filters are also used to filter water which is used by to clean the bottles and removing any organism in the bottle.

Some of PFP Products
1) 0.45 Micron PES Filter
2) 0.22 Micron PES Filter
3) PES Filter Capsule for housing free design
4) Disposable capsule filters

Filtration is a key Step in manufacturing of high quality beer with a good shelf life. Below are the few steps involved in manufacturing of Beer
1) Malting
2) Pre-Fermentation
3) Fermentation
4) Filtration Sterilization
5) Packaging and other process

Recommended Filters
Depth Filtration - for Piratical Removing and Clarification
After Fermentation yeast is removed from the liquid by bulk filtration but some of the particles and yeast still remain in the liquid. Depending on the quantity and size of particles depth filtration is used to remove them. These depth filters play a very important role in protection the final filter from high load by removing larger particles thereby increasing the life and efficiency of final filter
1) PP Pleated -
2) PP Multilayer Filters - For finer filtration
3) Pleated Fiberglass Media - Fiberglass Media provides higher flow rate and higher particle retention efficiency hence it is widely used in Beer Filtration

Final Filtration
Immediately before the beer is bottled the beer is passed through final filters to remove organism which can spoil the product. The final filter is needed to increase the shelf life of the beer and provide clean beer with desire colour and texture. Selection of final filter can be critical and generally a 0.45 micron Membrane filter is used at this stage.

Some of PFP Products
5) 0.45 Micron PES Filter
6) 0.45 Micron Glass Fiber
7) 0.45 Micron PVDF Filter