Bottled Water & Pharmaceutical Water
Water is used in daily life by many industries, normally water is classified by the source of the water like, Sea water, Municipal Water, Ground water, Water water (Grey Water), Industry water.

The quality of water desired by the consumer changes as per his own need example bottled water for drinking purpose, ultrapure water for pharmaceutical processing, pure water for washing or rinsing etc.

With increasing level of pollution and the desire to deliver high quality products, the need for clean and pure water is increasing. Today water is needed micro-organism, odor free and it should be able to sustain its qualities for its shelf life. To achieve a consisted high quality water, a robust and filtration system with effective filters is required, PFP recommends following filters to provide high quality water,

Pre Filtration Products
1) Spun - Melt Blow Dept Filter - Economic and effective
2) PP Pleated Filter cartridge - Economic and effective
3) Hydrophilic Nylon/PES Filters for finer filtration, long service life, low extractable
4) SS Sintered / Pleated / Titanium filters for high temperature water filtration.
5) PTFE Filter for Venting Purpose.

Pharmaceutical Grade Water - Sterile Grade water
Pharmaceutical Companies follows norms set by USP ( United States Pharmacopeia ) or EP ( European Pharmacopeia ) or WHO for water quality testing and using, some of the norms for water as defined by USP are below

When Water for Injection or Sterile Grade Water is needed PFF recommends the use of sterile filter, having a micron rating of 0.22 micron these filters are designed to reduce and remove the bacteria in the system.

Normally these filters are installed at user point or at the beginning of distribution. Sterile Grade Filters
1) Hydrophilic 0.22 micron PES Filter - Final Sterilization filter
2) Hydrophilic 0.22 micron Nylon Filter - Final Sterilization filter